Official release of Inbucket 1.3.1

Inbucket 1.3.1 is available; changes since 1.2.0 include:

  • Added Button to purge mailbox contents from the UI.
  • Simple HTML/CSS sanitization; Safe HTML and Plain Text UI tabs.
  • Reverse message display sort order in the UI; now newest first.
  • Fixed a race condition during message receive.

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Official release of Inbucket 1.2.0

Inbucket 1.2.0 is out. There are no significant changes from rc2, but I did setup a demo instance you can play with.

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Second release candidate for 1.2.0

The second release candidate for Inbucket 1.2.0 is available!

What’s New:

  • rest/client types MessageHeader and Message with convenience methods; provides a more natural API
  • Powerful command line REST client
  • Allow use of latest as a message ID in REST calls
  • Fixed a crash bug in new monitor code

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Release candidate for 1.2.0

The first release candidate for Inbucket 1.2.0 is out!

What’s New:

  • New Monitor tab lists incoming messages as they arrive
  • Increased local-part max-length for better Mailgun compatability
  • Use less file handles with large distribution lists

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Official release of Inbucket 1.1.0

Inbucket 1.1.0 is official. Check out the screenshots or get your own copy via the Get It menu above.

Changes from rc2:

  • OS X Homebrew inbucket.conf and formula (see Homebrew Tap repository)
  • Log and continue when unable to delete oldest message during cap enforcement