Inbucket disposable webmail

Inbucket is an email testing application; it will accept messages for any email address and make them available to view via a web interface.

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Why Inbucket?

Need to test your webapps outbound emails with Mailinator but stuck behind a firewall? Want to keep the new application you are developing secret until it’s time to release it? Need to validate that emails go out as part of your integration test suite? Want to send a link to a coworker demonstrating an email without giving them your gmail password? Need to load test your application without melting your corporate Exchange server? Want to use production data in your test environment without the risk of test messages leaking to an end user? Need to preview emails in multiple desktop email clients? Use Inbucket!

Project Status Build Status

Inbucket is currently production quality: it is being used for real work.

There is plenty more to do:

  • Integrate an embedded database to simplify storage
  • Sanitize HTML content in email before display
  • Easier installation

Please check the issues list for more details.

Latest News

Release candidate for 2.0.0

07 Apr 2018

The first release candidate for Inbucket 2.0.0 is out!

What’s New:

A lot has changed, but a few of the highlights:

  • In-memory storage option, best for small installations and desktops. Will be used by default.
  • Message seen flag in REST and Web UI so you can see which messages have already been read.
  • Configurable support for identifying a mailbox by full email address instead of just the local part (username).

This release also includes changes to how Inbucket is configured, default ports in Docker, and the format of log output.

Full Changelog

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